A former twenty something in technology

About Me


Who am I? Jonathan Sheely

What do I do? Application Web Developer

Who do I work for? TwentyTech

Where am I from? Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Hobbies: I watch a ton of movies and listen to hours and hours of music. I like to test out new software and work on my own applications.

Hash Tags I Follow: #mongodb #javascript #dnn


Programmer Resume

Primary Languages: Asp.Net C# and Node.js (Javascript)

I spend most of my time in Visual Studio writing .NET applications in C#. I generally work in Web Forms but I have a few large MVC projects that I maintain.

My main focus is on building responsive client side applications using high performance web services that communicate with client  side handlers.  This involves a lot of detail to caching and database processes and being mindful of serialization/deserialization and looping.

Here are a list of frameworks, utilities and scripts that I use on a regular basis.

Web Forms & MVCTwo web based programming patterns for Asp.Net.
WordpressLow barrier to entry CMS. Generally quicker to build nice looking websites
Evoq Content (Formerly DotNetNuke)Mid-tier content management framework.
Microsoft SharepointEnterprise level content management system for work with documents and lists of data.
SignalRReal time communication layer for communicating from server to clients.
Web APIAPI that allows you to create REST based service endpoint. Also includes some ODATA functionality.
log4netLogging framework for monitoring what your applications health or simply what it’s doing.
MS Build Community TasksAdditional functions for the MS Build processor.
AngularJSMVVM client side framework for improving UI performance and getting the truth out of the DOM.
KnockoutJSMVVM client side framework. I prefer AngularJS but I’ve used/used both.
MomentJSUtility framework for handling dates and times.
ExtJS (Sencha)Verbose UI framework for creating grids, graphs and a lot more.
LodashUtility for managing collections. Similar to Underscore but better
BoostrapUI Framework created by Twitter.
Secondary Languages: Go, VB.net, PHP

I needed to learn a native system language and decided that Google’s Go language was a good fit. Chosen in part to it’s concurrency handling and easy web implementations.

Primary Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis

Microsoft SQL Server is still my go to database but I’ve been using MongoDB for a few projects and I love its speed and most of all the flexibility to change schema as I develop my code.

Primary Cloud: Azure

The best feature for me about Azure is that there are services and hooks into those services for just about every language and system. Which in my mind makes it the most malleable cloud available.


Open Source

I spend my free time writing proof of concept applications that I release to the Open Source Community under my Codeplex and GitHub Accounts. As well as my company’s InspectorIT Github.