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DotNetNuke SuperFan Recap 2011

I had a blast during the voting process with Clint, Richard, Gifford, Ralph and all the others who entered the contest. I was really nervous that Clint was going to beat me so I enlisted everyone I knew to check out DotNetNuke and vote for me every chance they got. Even then I was still worried! By the time we got to DNN World I was just excited about all the cool things that we did with this contest and the friendships I made. I’m just glad DNN cake was pre-contest or I would have lost for sure! Special thank you goes out to Will Strohl who not only put on the contest but was an amazing host during my visit to DNN Corp HQ. Had such a great time traveling through Silicon Valley and seeing all the other local companies like Apple, Yahoo, and Google During my visit to DNN’s HQ in San Mateo I got to sit down and really talk tech and the future of DotNetNuke. Chief Marketing Officer Mitch Bishop’s vision on showcasing what DNN has to offer to everyone in the community is amazing and I can’t wait to see all those ideas come into reality. Joe Brinkman was even on hand to sit down w/ me and talk about what the cloud has to offer for DotNetNuke and ways myself and everyone can get the most out of it. What I found the most inviting is how passionate everyone who is working on DotNetNuke is, everyone from HR to sales down to the accounts who have a great spirit and joined into all the festivities. Including some DNNFoos which Will Strohl and I dominated Chris Hammond and Richard Dumas. I also got to see some of the other office tech equipment in the conference room where I video linked to Scott Willhite the Directory of Community Programs and Co-Founder of DotNetNuke. It was nice to get a real in depth look at the beginning of DNN . I hope DNN Corp plans on holding the DNN Superfan again next year at the DNN World conference and I would love the opportunity to pass the crown to the next Super Fan.

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