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Fixed Written By Bug in 4.1 of DotNetNuke Blog Module

This will be a quick post. If anyone is like me and using the 4.1 version of the core DotNetNuke blog module than you've probably noticed that the "Written by:" is blank when viewing an individual blog entry. I did a little debugging and found the problem in the ViewEntry.ascx.vb on Line 119
If m_oBlog.ShowFullName Then
lblUserID.Text = m_oBlog.UserFullName
lblUserID.Text = m_oBlog.UserName
End If
This needs to be changed to:
If m_oBlog.ShowFullName Then
lblUserID.Text = m_oEntry.UserFullName
lblUserID.Text = m_oEntry.UserName
End If
I've provided the details and a link to a fixed version of the DLL on codeplex But if you you don't want to do that. You can use a little jQuery magic like I originally did to fix the problem until an official update is released.
<script type="text/javascript">

jQuery(".blog_author").html("Written by: Jonathan Sheely");

[Update: 7/12/2011] Original DLL posted to Codplex required DNN version 5.6.2. I've updated codeplex with a newer DLL that only requires DNN 4.7.0 or later. You can also download that DLL here from my blog

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